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Change Management

Change Management -

your guarantee of success for the future

Change Manaqement

So that the changes lead into long-term success in your company, change management is necessary.

It is important that the technical, organisational, and process-related changes are understood, internalised, and lived by the employees throughout the company. As a change manager, I ensure that short-term successes also have a sustainable positive effect.

The marketing analyses carried out, the measures to be able to respond to customer requirements and needs, as well as the activities to digitalise the customer journey, require changes in your company

  • in cooperation
  • in the processes and
  • in the tasks of employees.

Contrary to the services offered by large management consultancies, I take a very individual approach. After the analysis, I agree on the measures for optimisation and work out the best practice with the team. In this way I ensure that my solutions fit the company and are accepted and “lived” there. The employees in the company are part of the changes which will be made.

I also act in change management for sustainability in the sense of environmental and climate protection.

Building on digitalisation, interactive communication with the customer takes place. The communication aims at the customers’ expectations and preferences regarding product development and environmental awareness.

Areas affected in the company are:

  • Administration (purchasing, supply, hardware, electricity, etc.)
  • Sales (fleet, marketing materials, trade fairs & congresses, etc.)
  • Production (materials, technology, visionary)

The information gained is used for product development towards MORE SUSTAINABILITY and an outstanding eco-balance.

Initial measures in administration can be implemented promptly:

  • ecological purchasing (office materials, green electricity, technical equipment, etc.)
  • ecological behaviour such as rainwater for flushing toilets, waste separation, water-saving taps, ecologically degradable cleaning products, etc.
  • ecological supply of employees with an organic fruit box, glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, food in the canteen with organic food from the region, etc.
  • an award for ecologically particularly valuable suggestions for improvement for employees promotes awareness and involves the workforce.

Based on this, production is changed according to customer expectations:

  • Use of ecologically safe materials
  • products that can be used in an ecologically sound manner.

Conscious change management is a prerequisite for changes in the company to be sustainable.

In my blog (articles) I go into more detail about my approach and examples of results

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