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Project: Optimization of Customer Journey in Online Marketing

Project: Optimization of Customer Journey in Online Marketing

to increase the Lead Generation, for higher registration numbers for Events, and the reduction of the Bounce Rate

Situation in the company: Sales targets are very high and cannot be achieved with the previous methods of lead generation.

My role: Project management

Overall target: Increase the KPI figures for lead generation by at least 15%.


  • optimisation of online advertising measures, newsletters and invitations to events
  • optimisation of website and landing pages
  • optimisation of lead qualification


  • reduction of costs per lead
  • better control of success – clear definition of KPI’s with continuous monitoring and promptly optimisation
  • higher registration rate for events
  • better lead qualification
  • reduction of bounce rate

Task 1: Optimisation of online advertising measures, newsletters and invitations to events.

  • analysis of customer touchpoints
  • analysis of pages with a conspicuous bounce rate
  • analysis of customer preferences by comparing top to flop advertising media
    • CTA rate of adverts
    • read rate of newsletters
    • registration feedback on event invitations
    • websites and landing pages with a high bounce rate


  • optimisation according to analysed customer preferences
  • customer touchpoints designed more optimally
  • advertising material designed in a more attractive way
  • CTA points set-up more simply
  • newsletter designed more attractively and sent according to optimised target group
  • websites and landing pages designed more simply
  • event invitations more clearly designed and sent according to optimised target group


  • CTA rate increased
  • lead rate increased
  • KPIs redefined and processes agreed for optimisation
  • registration rate for events increased
  • bounce rate reduced
  • cost per lead reduced

Task 2: Optimisation of lead qualification

  • analysis of promising data
  • optimisation of process to analyse relevant data
  • analysis of the best time window
  • analysis of best source
  • analysis of possibilities for automation


  • implementation of automated qualification measures via Autobot (check of email data, address data, robot queries …)
  • optimisation of qualification on newly defined, relevant data
  • lead qualification at best times (day and time)
  • lead qualification of best sources first


  • increase of lead rate
  • reduction of costs per lead
  • reduction in work effort per lead

Due to the confidentiality of the measures, the company name will not be mentioned. I would be happy to give you the name of a contact person in the company who can provide information on the project within the framework of confidentiality. Please contact me.