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Project: Implementation of a Yield-Management-System

Project: Implementation of a

Implementation of a Software Solution to increase the Rate and Occupancy and to increase the Customer Satisfaction.

Situation in the company: Neither the occupancy rate nor the current price structure can achieve the agreed targets.

My role:  F/O, Reservations and Yield Management

Overall target:

Implement yield management and up-selling with the aim of increasing the occupancy rate by 20% and the average rate by 15.00 €. Side effect: Introduction of a uniform and transparent rate structure.


  • analysis of seasons according to historical occupancy and expected reservations demand (trade fairs, local events, events …).
  • analysis of the ideal price types
  • determine room categories for up-selling
  • load seasons and rates into Fidelio (software)
  • intensive training of staff at F/O, reservations, events office, sales and trainees

Task 1: Analysis of seasons, rate types and room categories


  • analysis of historical rates according to demand/season and expected price development (industry-specific, economic trend)
    • Season I: holiday season, demand mainly from tourists and private guests – only lower rate acceptance
    • Season II: demand from corporate guests and events – agreed corporate rate
    • Season III: trade fairs, corporate guests, event guests (banquet business) – slightly increased rate acceptance
    • Season IV and V: supraregional trade fairs, very high demand from corporate guests and trade fair visitors – high to very high-rate acceptance
  • allocation of seasons for the next 18 months
  • determination of room categories
  • rate splitting according to categories: ECO, BUS, First for up-selling.

Task 2: Load seasons and rates into Fidelio (software) and train staff at F/O, Reservations, Banquet office and Sales


  • program Fidelio (software) according to season and rate structure
  • create room categories for up-selling in Fidelio
  • load rates and seasons into Fidelio (software) via CSV import
  • prepare training structure and documents
  • set training dates according to usage and experience (reservation, F/O, sales, event office and trainees)
  • train staff and develop best practice
  • continuous success control and optimisation


  • increase of annual average occupancy by 20%.
  • increase of annual average rate by € 18.00
  • higher acceptance of price types
  • more reliability through clear rate transparency while making reservations
  • reservations can be done by all staff (Reservations, F/O, Sales, event office, trainees)