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Project: Implementation of a cross-functional Intranet Visibility for Global Projects

Project: Implementation of a cross-functional Intranet Visibility for Global Projects

for standardization of processes, elimination of multiple data storage, and transparency of project processes and -responsibilities.

Situation in the company: Project processes and documentation are done differently, depending on the region. This leads to multiple documentation and lack of transparency within and outside the team.

Own role: Project management


  • global documentation for projects will be done via Sharepoint (Intranet)
  • determine basic documentation (minimum) and structure
  • definition of access rights
  • definition of administrators
  • documentation and process of project communication via Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint
  • training of project managers, their deputies and project team members

Special feature: Observe data protection regulations (personnel data, communication, SOX, retention periods).

Task 1: Determine structure, basic documentation, access rights and administrators.


In co-operation with the project managers

  • define the subdivision of groups/regions
  • work out of information needed for each project (basic documentation)
  • determine the clearest structure
  • name the administrators and their deputies
  • create the main pages (groups/regions) in Sharepoint with the IT team
  • set up access rights for the teams and the respective administrators on the main pages in Sharepoint
  • set up the uniform structure for the documentation on the main pages in Sharepoint and define it as the master for all project sub-pages

Task 2: Set up the structure for documentation and communication.


Set up the basic structure at the master site:

  • Project description, area of operation and function
  • name and position – project leader
  • name and position of team members and distribution of tasks
  • process documentation
  • costs
  • workload: man-days, support with external consultants
  • project calendar with kick-off, milestones, UAT etc.
  • roll-out date
  • newsfeed

Create space for additional and individual documentation, i.e.

  • awards, user feedback
    • team events

Set up a master for project communication in Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint:

  • meeting notes on Sharepoint
  • chat in Microsoft Teams
  • newsfeed on Sharepoint
  • Email to project distribution list in Microsoft Teams

Task 3: Prepare and deliver training for administrators and deputies. Prepare manual for roll-out.


  • prepare training material and hold training for
    • Administrators and their deputies
    • Project team members
  • create manual and distribute to all training participants
  • document training materials and manual on main pages in Sharepoint


  • uniform structure and documentation ensure quick access to required data and information for past and ongoing projects (status, process, delay, cost development …)
  • avoidance of multiple documentation
  • better communication through centralisation
  • training for administrators and deputies, as well as the manual for team members guarantees the correct use of the tool
  • data protection regulation is respected

Due to the confidentiality of the measures, the company name will not be mentioned. I would be happy to give you the name of a contact person in the company who can provide information on the project within the framework of confidentiality. Please contact me.