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Project: Creation of detailed and fact-based Analysis

Project: Creation of detailed and fact-based Analysis

for the international Revenue- and Budget Planning, derivation of Marketing Strategies and implementation of a digitalized Cost- and Success Controlling for Marketing activities.

Situation in the company:

  • There is no budget planning for marketing. Tracking is done on the overall Finance budget.
  • There is no template for marketing activities (events, congress participation, customer visits, etc.) to comply with the corporate identity.
  • So far, neither cost control nor performance control for marketing activities are done.

Own role: Marketing management


  • set up a detailed marketing budget for the next 12 months
  • define the corporate identity for marketing activities
  • provide marketing material (standardized) for marketing activities for all national and global sales departments
  • implement a standardized cost and success control in marketing for all events and expenses

Task 1: Create a detailed marketing budget for the coming 12 months.


  • create a Masterfile for the marketing budget with total budget
  • calculate planned marketing activities according to feedback from national and global sales teams
  • enter typical expenses
  • detailed breakdown of costs by segment
  • enter calculations into master file: Budget – Actual – Differences
  • separate tracking of cost success of marketing activities

Task 2: Distribution of marketing materials and creation of a process template for planning events according to corporate identity (events, congress participation, customer visits, etc.) including cost and success control


  • determine, order and distribute basic marketing materials for corporate event participation to all sales teams according to corporate design
    • display systems, sample cases, brochures, name tags, give-aways etc.
  • plan and order exhibition booth
  • create a checklist for planning an event participation
  • create a template for cost control (plan and actual) of event participation
    • approval of total costs
    • listing of costs
    • tracking of actual costs incurred
  • create a template for success control (follow-up) of event participation
    • approval of event participation with expectation of success
    • current turnover
    • turnover development (12 months)


  • Detailed marketing budget with budget and actual figures, as well as deviations, in order to initiate corrective measures in a timely manner.
  • External appearance according to corporate identity.
  • Cost success control for marketing measures.

Due to the confidentiality of the measures, the company name will not be mentioned. I would be happy to give you the name of a contact person in the company who can provide information on the project within the framework of confidentiality. Please contact me.