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Digital Marketing

Online & Digital Marketing -

to reach customers optimally

Online & Digital Marketing

As Marketing Manager, I ensure smooth operations in Online and Digital Marketing. I make sure that your marketing is always running optimally!

An excerpt of my expertise:

Content Marketing 

  • Campaign Management, e.g. posts, online event invitations etc. 
  • Creation of advertisements according to corporate design
  • Central control of advertising
  • Success and cost control of advertising
  • Optimization of lead geeration – marketing channel analysis
  • Alignment of th ewebsite an dwebshop according to customer preferences

Marketing Analysis

  • Target group, USP, SWOT
  • Product portfolio
  • cost and success control
  • strategy, planning, budget
  • etc. 


  • optimal approach to leads/prospects
  • optimal support of customers along the sales phases
  • control of sales campaigns for more effectiveness
  • improved maintenance of existing customers
  • optimal and personalized e-mail-marketing
  • etc. 

I support you in marketing planning with figures, data and facts and according to customer preferences and needs. 


In my blog (articles) I go into more detail about my approach and examples of results 

Contact me, I am happy to discuss your journey for an optimal customer satisfaction. 

Mobile: +49 (0) 160 – 9222 4556