Munich, Germany
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About me

About me

Why I am the best choice?

Christine Pfisterer
  • 35 years of professional experience in different companies and international teams.
  • around 35 years of focus on customer: customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • passion for marketing and numbers
  • many years of experience in the software industry and the implementation of software.
    Most of this is related to change management.
  • Change management competence
  • extensive and varied education and training

Benefit from the combination of my professions, the resulting professional experience and my affinity for numbers, data and facts. I combine my analytical skills with empathy and the ability to shape change.

I have been a Payroll and Financial Accountant, F/O Manager and Executive Assistant in various companies. Because of my understanding of business and financial data, I was always actively involved in planning. I was able to get to know different styles and different tools. And I always took advantage of opportunities for advanced training. Due to my professional experience, I was always at the front of implementing digital tools.



  • state-certified business economist (Bachelor BA), focus on sales & marketing
  • Apprenticeship as office administrator
  • Apprenticeship as hotel manager
  • Certified Online Marketing Manager
  • Certified Data Manager


German – mother tongue
English – C1 Level
Spanish – B1 Level

As a passionate sailor, it makes sense to describe my management style with a sailing example


I lead teams like a skipper leads a sailing boat. First, the destination and the route are set and agreed with the crew. Then the tasks are distributed according to the skills. We reach the stations together. I observe the crew during the manoeuvres, give tips on best practice and optimisation of processes. If a manoeuvre fails, the boat will not capsize. I intervene, we analyse the mistake and repeat the manoeuvre. This may take time, but it is important to keep the goal in mind, to ensure the boat is functioning properly and a crew be involved with fun and engagement.

I deliver the combination of marketing analytics, digital tools and change. I understand this because it has been my passion and focus for many years.

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